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Many of us have this stereotype in our heads of what a man’s man is. That stereotype usually includes a lumberjack figure who does not care about his looks, and may even have some grease underneath his fingernails. However, this is not a thought shared by the majority of women out there. Yes, there are some who want their guy to look like he just came home from camping all the time. This is not a thought shared by everybody.

My fiance has been telling me to do different grooming stuff for years, and some of them I actually enjoy. I decided to start asking other women to share things they wish their significant other did more (grooming related). Here are the top 5 things they shared with me. Take some notes!


1. Moisturize

This was far and away the most commented on thing that a guy should add to his grooming routine. Women were saying things like use lotion, hydrate their skin, and moisturize their body. I have categorized all these suggestions into just moisturizing.

Moisturizing has actually become much more common for men than it was in the past. I consider something to be main stream when the type of products needed are readily available in your local drug store. Over the last few years I have seen a host of men specific moisturizers show up like Lubriderm for men, Nivea’s men line, and Dove’s Male face moisturizer.

women want you to moisturize

The most important area for men to moisturize is the face and neck. You should be sure that you are using a moisturizer that can be used on your face (not too oily). All the products I listed above are face specific. If you want to up your moisturizer game, check out the products at Kiehls.

At the very least every guy should be moisturizing his face and neck. The 40 year old version of yourself will thank you for all that added moisture, since you will have fewer wrinkles and dark-spots.


2. Fix Their Eyebrows

You may not give two shits about your eyebrows, but they are one of the first things a girl notices on your face. The most common problems according to the women we asked were uni-brows and bushy eyebrows. Basically, women do not like when you have too much hair above your eyes.

If you have a significant other, just ask her to give you a hand. That is how all my eyebrow maintenance is done. If you don’t have a significant other, invest in some tweezers.

women want you to invest in tweezers

If you have a uni-brow you can easily fix that by plucking the hairs that sit above your nose and in-between your duo-brow. If you are the victim of bushy caterpillars above your eyes, you will need to be a little more careful. Here is a video by Robin James from Man for Himself that explains how to do some brow maintenance.

If you feel awkward taking tweezers up to the cash, just get them in a pack that includes nail clippers and a nail file. You will need those for the next one.


3. Look After Their Feet

I still don’t do this well despite being called out on it a lot! This was a more common answer among girls who had a significant other. That makes sense because they are more likely to be seeing the same guys feet regularly. However, good foot etiquette is not only for guys with a GF.

women with a boyfriend like nice feet

Did you know that one of the first things a girl evaluates you on after your hair, is your shoes? That is right women like to judge your character based on what you wear on your feet. But what happens when you are not wearing any shoes? They evaluate your feet, that is what they do. So if you are wearing sandals or going barefoot, be sure to look after them.

women want you to look after your feet

Most women just want guys to keep their nails under control. You can probably get away with clipping them every 3 weeks. The second basic is using a file to get rid of all that hard skin on your heel and outside of your big toe. Keep your nails trimmed and those foot calluses under control, and you are on your way to drastically improved feet.

If you want to take your foot-care to the next level or start on a good foot (pun intended), you can look at getting a pedicure. Guys can get pedicures, it is one of the most popular male spa activities along with facials. Just ask one of your female friends to take you the first time. If you want to invest in you foot grooming routine, you can pick up some foot care products from a company like Lush.


4. Clean Their Ears

This is a really easy one. Almost every woman I asked said that guys need to clean their ears. There really isn’t much to this one beside buying some q-tips and making it part of your daily morning routine. Just be sure to not try to clean your ears too deeply, or you could end up doing some serious damage.


5. Trim Their Facial Hair

Before you all tell me that a beard is sacred and you should not let a women tell you what to do with it, just hear me out. I do not think you should change your facial hair to reflect what a woman thinks, but they don’t want you to either. They just want you to look after it properly.

women want you to trim your beard

Most of the women I talked to actually like when a guy has a beard, but they don’t like when it is unkept. The most common beard care topic for the woman I asked was keeping it from looking straggly. All you need to do for this is to trim it up every once in awhile to remove split ends and keep it looking even. If you need some tips check out our beard care article or consult your barber.

invest in beardcare

If you are already investing the time to grow some facial hair, you should also invest in some beard care products. At the very least invest in a beard balm or beard oil like Spearhead’s Tame to keep those whiskers soft and healthy. Your girl does not like a beard that feels like a tumbleweed anywhere near her face.


Just Generally Care More

The common theme from asking “what should guys add to their grooming routine” is that women would just like men to care a little more. So the biggest takeaway from this article is that women just want you to be more invested in your grooming routine and general personal hygiene. You don’t need to do anything crazy, just start with being more aware!

Also, incase you were wondering. Here are a few other things that came up:

  • Trim your nose hair 
  • Keep body hair under control 
  • Up your scent game (cologne)
  • Man-scapping issues

Written By: Alex McEachern

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Defunk their junks use ToppCock, fresh ball or something. A lot of men smell awful down there and they won’t admit it and call the stench their natural man scent. Pathetic actually.

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