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The snow has fallen and winter is coming, as they say in Game of Thrones. But in all seriousness the winter months are officially upon us, and here at Spearhead we deal with snowy, cold, Canadian winters. If you are from somewhere that is always sunny, read no further (I am also jealous).

Here in Canada we have to deal with severe changes in seasons and that comes with a change in a man's grooming routine. There are a few things that usually need some extra TLC during the cold winter months such as your hair, beard, and skin.


Winter Hair Tips for Men

The winter is notoriously brutal on your hair. The dry air, the cold temperatures, and gusting winds have all sorts of different effects on your hair and your ability to style it.

winter male hair problems

Here are three common winter hair problems men encounter, and how to battle them.

1. Dried Out Hair

The dry/stale winter air tends to make your hair feel much drier than usual. You may notice that your hair seems to look more matted or straw-like in the winter. This is due to a lack of moisture in those locks. This problem can happen to every guy, but is more common in those with long and or curly hair.

mens hair dries out in the winter

To combat this you need to do everything you can to get moisture back in. If you use a hair dryer, try to limit it during the winter months. Towel dry your hair and allow it to dry naturally. This is usually not enough on its own. You should also look to use hair oils to add moisture back in. Oils like argan and coconut oil are extremely hydrating and are great to add to your hair during the winter months. Check your beard oil (often doubles as a hair oil) to see if it has argan oil, or just pick up a bottle of Tame from Spearhead.

2. Itchy Scalp

If you are susceptible to dandruff you likely notice that it flares up more in the winter than other months. This is because dandruff is dry dead skin flaking from your scalp caused by over drying. Just like your hair can dry out, so too can your scalp.

You can help hydrate your scalp by massaging the oils I mentioned above all the way to the scalp. You can also invest in a hydrating shampoo, or a natural one that is free of harsh detergents.

3. Hat Hair

The true bain of my existence in the winter is the need to wear a hat . I want to wear a hat to keep myself warm, but I also don’t want my hair to look like a matted mess after. What is a guy to do?

reworkable hold products solve hat head

One option is to just keep your hat on all day. However, most of us have a job where that is just not acceptable. The other option is to style your hair before putting the hat on. This only works if you style it with a product that has re-workable hold. If you style your hair before the hat you just need to re-work it slightly after taking the hat off. This however will not work if you use low quality waxes or gels.


Winter Beard Tips for Men

Yes beard tips for men… there could be women looking for advice. Your beard is essentially just like the hair on your head but on your face. Your beard is susceptible to many of the same problems as your hair is in the winter.

1. Beard Dandruff

While not as common as dandruff in your hair, this is a problem that plagues a lot of men. If you don’t usually experience beard dandruff you might in the colder winter months. This is because your beard and skin beneath it are drier than usual.

beard dandruff in winter

Just like the hair on your head you can use hydrating shampoos and even anti-dandruff shampoos on your beard. I use Activate, our hair and beard wash to keep this under control. There are also a ton of other tips and trick you can read into.

2. Grizzlyness

As your beard dries out it also tends to become coarse and untamed. I call this winter grizzlieness. I said earlier that people with curly hair have more winter trouble, your beard is basically a curly head of hair.

winter makes the beard grizzly

 The best way to keep your beard under control is to keep it hydrated with a high quality beard oil. You may want to use a bit extra than you would during the summer months, as the air is much more dry. This oil will keep your beard hydrated and manageable.


Winter Skin Tips for Men

Out of the three I know that men’s skin is often the most neglected. Before you read into these winter skin tips, I would recommend figuring out your skin type.

find your skin type men

Now that you have the basics covered let's look at two of the most common winter skin problems for men.

1. Dry Skin

If you haven't seen the theme so far, it is that the winter pretty well dries out everything. While all skin can become dry, the most common is your face. This is obviously because it is exposed more to the wind and the cold than other areas you cover up.

I recommend heading to your local drugstore and picking up a bottle of either dove for men or lubriderm for men. Just be sure to pick up something that is face specific, or you may have an acne breakout on your hands.

2. Chapped Lips

The amount of guys I see in the winter with chapped lips is crazy. Not only are they chapped they are usually to the point of cracking and splitting. Your lips dry out in the winter, and as girly as it sounds you need to apply lip chap.

men should use burts bess

Pick up a tube or tin of Burt’s Bees. The beeswax does an amazing job of adding and locking in moisture that your lips need to stop them from cracking and bleeding.


Common Winter Grooming Problems

As you can see the most common problem in the winter months is the drying out of everything. Be sure to add moisture into your hair, beard, skin, lips, and you will do just fine. Stay tuned this summer when we will cover proper grooming tips for the hot weather. You can subscribe using the form at the very bottom of the page.

Written By: Alex McEachern




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