Every Man Deserves to look on-point

Spearhead Life Supply was born from two friend's passion for hair, grooming, and helping every guy look their best. The products are a reflection of the quality and values of the barbershop from which they were inspired.

There are thousands of cool products out there for women, but almost none for men. We got sick of the lack of cool shit for men, so we went and made some cool shit for you.

The SPearhead Product

Meticulously Crafted

Everything at Spearhead was created for a reason. Each product is specifically designed to help you with an aspect of looking your best, and that will never change.

Small Batch

We are not fans of mass produced. That is why you will not find any mass produced garbage here. Our products are made in small batches to insure quality and performance.

Designed for Men

Some of the coolest products out there seem to always be scented like they should be used by a 12 year old girl. Not here! Everything we do is designed for men and smells like it too.

The Spearhead People

Mitch Bright

I am a barber. I like tattoos and gin. Spearhead is: giving guys products they will actually use.

Alex McEachern

I am not a barber. I have no tattoos and prefer beer. Spearhead is: looking good and feeling good with absolutly no compromises.

You Should Use Spearhead

Will Spearhead make you a the most handsome guy around?
Will Spearhead take your style and grooming game to the next level?
There is only one way to find out.